The Book of Mormon helps bring the Gospel to the entire world.


Like the Koran, the Book of Mormon speaks of revelation to God's prophets both before and after Jesus Christ.


Like Hinduism, the Book of Mormon speaks of many different ways God shows his love for His children.


Like Buddhism, the Book of Mormon relates the importance of achieving peace in this world and the next.


Perhaps we could all learn from the ecumenical attitude expressed by Joseph Smith. “If I esteem mankind to be in error, shall I bear them down?” Joseph wondered aloud. “No. I will lift them up, and in their own way too, if I cannot persuade them my way is better; and I will not seek to compel any man to believe as I do, only by the force of reasoning … Do you believe in Jesus Christ and the Gospel of salvation which He revealed? So do I. Christians should cease wrangling and contending with each other, and cultivate the principles of union and friendship in their midst.”

On a separate occasion, Joseph wrote: “I have the most liberal sentiments, and feelings of charity towards all sects, parties, and denominations; and the rights and liberties of conscience, I hold most sacred and dear, and despise no man for differing with me in matters of opinion.” If he was willing to die for a “Mormon,” he declared, he was just ready to die for “the rights of a Presbyterian, a Baptist, or a good man of any other denomination.”