Translation Chronology


  • Joseph is born in Vermont and his family moves to Palmyra, New York
  • After Joseph's First Vision, Moroni visits and tells Joseph that this history was written and deposited not far from Joseph's home


  • Joseph sees the plates once a year and is instructed by Moroni
  • He tells his family what Moroni teaches him about the Nephites


  • Joseph marries Emma
  • They return to Palmyra
  • Receives the plates from the hill
  • Move to Harmony


  • Martin Harris comes to help
  • Joseph translates first section
  • First manuscript is lost


  • Oliver Cowdery begins as scribe
  • Aaronic Priesthood is restored
  • Meet messenger enroute to Fayette


  • Book of Mormon is published
  • 5000 copies printed
  • Grandin Print Shop, Palmyra