Cumorah issue - Spanish

Explaining Cumorah in Spanish

The primary advocacy group for the Mesoamerican/two-Cumorahs theory (M2C) is Book of Mormon Central, a multi-million dollar nonprofit. Their English site says they are neutral about geography, but their Spanish-language site explicitly advocates for M2C. The Spanish-language site includes a detailed map and commentary, set in Mesoamerica.

Because we support the FAITH model of analysis, which starts with agreement on Facts, we think all interested parties should acknowledge relevant facts before providing their respective interpretations of the facts.

Book of Mormon Central also produces Spanish-language podcasts, videos, and articles to promote M2C. 

One such article, located here,  (image below), advocates for a southern Mexico setting for the Hill Cumorah. In so doing, the article ignores the historical and other evidence for the New York Cumorah, thereby misinforming faithful readers about the issues.

The documents below (.pdf and google doc) include an English translation of the original Spanish article, together with commentary and the historical sources ignored by the original article.  

Hill Cumorah Spanish and English.pdf
Hill Cumorah Spanish and English Translated