Harmony PA to Fayette NY 1829

After Joseph obtained the plates from the Hill Cumorah near Palmyra, Joseph and Emma went to Harmony where translation began. First, he translated the 116 pages that were lost. Then, beginning in October 1828, he resumed translating the book of Mosiah with Emma as scribe until Oliver arrived in April 1829.

After translating the abridged plates, the Lord told Joseph he would have to translate the plates of Nephi to replace the lost 116 pages (D&C 10). Joseph gave the abridged plates to a divine messenger and left Harmony for Fayette, New York. Along the way he, Oliver, and David met the messenger who was taking the plates to Cumorah.

The messenger brought the plates of Nephi (D&C 10) to Fayette, where he gave them to Joseph to translate at the Whitmer Farm. The messenger also showed the plates to Mary Whitmer.