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"Mean time our translation drawing to a close, we went to Palmyra, Wayne County, N. Y: Secured the Copyright; and agreed with Mr Egbert Grandon [E. B. Grandin] to print five thousand Copies, for the sum of three thousand dollars."

[JSP History, 1838-1856, Vol A-1]

Beginning the printing work in August 1829, Egbert B. Grandin agreed to provide 5000 copies of the Book of Mormon for $3000, for which Martin Harris mortgaged his farm and sold some property. Finished books were first offered for sale on March 26, 1830.

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Egbert B. Grandin (1806-1845)

Attributed to Alonzo Parks, 1843

Egbert B. Grandin was born in rural New Jersey but moved with his parents to western New York at an early age. At age 18, he apprenticed as a printer in the Palmyra office of the Wayne Sentinel. In the spring of 1827, he began his own printing business. That fall he moved into the newly constructed Thayer and Grandin Brick Row, where he operated a bookstore and a print shop. The Book of Mormon was printed in his print shop during 1829 and early 1930.

Grandin’s printing career lasted until 1833, when he sold the shop. Over the next 12 years he owned a butchery, tannery, and storage and freighting business, and he also farmed. He died of pneumonia in 1845 at the age of 39.


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