Possible locations-

New York Cumorah

With the Hill Cumorah/Ramah in New York, it is easy to identify plausible locations of other Book of Mormon sites.

Cumorah/Ramah in New York is the pin in the map

Once we accept the teachings of the prophets about Cumorah, we can interpret the text accordingly. 

We can infer that Lehi left the Arabian peninsula, sailed around Africa and across the Atlantic Ocean, and arrived in what is now the southeastern United States, probably in the panhandle of Florida. In this scenario, the Land of Nephi would be in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee. From there, Mosiah would have fled from the Lamanites by sailing down (north) on the Tennessee River to southern Illinois (the land of Zarahemla).

For most of the Book of Mormon, the Ohio River was the boundary between the Nephites and Lamanites.

Interpreting the Book of Mormon. To interpret the text, readers make basic assumptions. The following three assumptions help clarify some of the geographical passages in the text.