Why Christians need the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon fits squarely within the Christian tradition.

The book relates the account of ancient Jews who escaped the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile to Babylon. They crossed the ocean to America, where they continued to practiced the law of Moses. After his ministry in Jerusalem and his resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ visited the people in America and taught them the Gospel. He explained he visited people in many parts of the world, which explains traditions to that effect among many cultures.

You don't have to join or be a member of any church to read, appreciate, and learn from the Book of Mormon. Pastors and members of many Christian churches use the Book of Mormon because it supplements and reinforces the Bible.

In a day when many young people are losing their faith in God and in Christianity generally, the Book of Mormon is another witness of Jesus Christ that brings people closer to the Lord.

Overcoming obstacles

If you are a Christian who has not yet read the Book of Mormon, there are two obstacles that may have deterred you.

First, you may think the Book of Mormon belongs to another Church. In fact, the Book of Mormon was translated and published before any new church was organized. It belongs to the entire world.

Second, you may think there is no evidence that the people described in the Book of Mormon ever existed. MOBOM offers abundant evidence that these people existed.

We recognize there are differences of opinion about all aspects of the Book of Mormon. MOBOM is dedicated to fairly representing a variety of views so you can make up your own mind. But the most important thing is, read the book for yourself.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had never read the Bible but had listened to the critics who told you the Bible was untrue.